TopShape – The Ultimate Square Edge Kitchen Worktop

“Design it. Live it. Love it.”

TopShape is the ultimate square edge kitchen worktop. The very best laminate worktop is represented here in our TopShape range with many new innovative textures and new designs. You will note the careful selection of matching edging for TopShape where the textured kitchen worktop also have a matching textured edging for your laminate worktop.

Featuring a contemporary square edge profile, TopShape square edge kitchen worktops are edged on all four sides and laminated both top and bottom with the same high quality laminate, which guarantees a seamless finish every time.

Benefits of Using a Square Edge kitchen worktop

This allows for multi-level, multi-surface and multi-functional uses and in using the TopShape range these are words that you can use with confidence when deciding on how to design your kitchen. We have succeeded in creating a kitchen worktop solution that changes the face of kitchen design.

As TopShape comes pre-edged, installation is quick and easy and does not require any on-site finishing. TopShape can and will revolutionize your kitchen designs.

Our colours have been specifically selected to reflect the latest trends in fashion and interiors and their adaptability and flexibility are easily integrated into a living kitchen environment.

Whether you wish to revamp or update your existing kitchen, increase your kitchen worktop surface area, or create a new contemporary kitchen, TopShape is the creative solution for you. The ideas for use are endless.

Worktop Accessories to Accompany Your Square Edge Kitchen Worktop

Once your square edge kitchen worktop has been selected, we offer a range of additional kitchen worktop accessories to finish off your dream kitchen. All of TopShape laminate worktops can be selected in the following matching accessories:

These additional kitchen accessories can add to the overall look and design of the kitchen, see product matrix for details.