Kitchen Worktop Textures

A textured kitchen worktop can be very distinctive to touch and feel. We have a range of choices in relation to the texture on your chosen laminate kitchen worktop. The tones and textures of each of our kitchen worktops are designed to echo the look of natural materials. This is fantastic if you have got a particular style in mind for your new kitchen. The lifestyle and realistic textures of Topform worktops are what make them so popular with our customers.

So if you want a natural stone effect or the perfect woodgrain texture to represent those natural materials then you can get it through our durable and quality textured laminate kitchen worktops. Each of our kitchen worktops has their own individual characteristics which make them unique among their competitors.

Click on any of our textures below to see all decors with that texutre.

Choice of TopShape Textures


Woodgrain texture from out TopWood range of kitchen worktops


Stone square edge kitchen worktop texture

Slate 2

Slate 2 square edge kitchen worktop texture

Slate 1

Slate 1 laminate worktop texture


Pearl laminate worktop texture


Matt laminate worktop texture


Granite texture by Topform Kitchen Worktops Ireland


Gloss square edge kitchen worktop texture


Astro square edge kitchen worktop texture