Décor Range

Urban Stone

Our Urban Stone range of kitchen worktops can impart an industrial feel to a contemporary space in your kitchen. The ongoing demand for a refined urban aesthetic lends itself to these industrial décors. There are a variety of different textures, colours and patterns that allow you to create a contrasting look. It gives a true feeling of a stunning piece of art. The emerging trend has been a move to a more industrial and urban look in kitchen worktops, this new collection perfectly reflects that shift in design.
A modern, bespoke kitchen featuring a Topform square edge kitchen worktop


Selected from the widest range of laminates around the world, our Wood range of kitchen worktops give you the choice of light to dark grain with a selection of grooved or smooth textures. Current trends show an increased focus on wooden laminate worktops matched with a set of brightly coloured cabinets to show off your personality and style. Everyone wants to show off his personality through the design and decoration of his home, using our wood range with bright cabinets lets you do this.
A bespoke wood worktop from our TopWood product range

Italian Marble

Marble is a timeless material to include in a kitchen worktop and is currently as popular as ever. Our Italian Marble range perfectly imitate real marble finish that gives the kitchen a light and fresh look. The variation in veins in the marbles allow each worktop to stand out on its own while providing a real element of luxury and elegance to any home. The key for any marble to stand out is the striking veins that run through the worktop and that you can use to accessorise your kitchen.
A laminate kitchen worktop from our Italian Marble Décor range

Quartz and Terrazzo

Our Quartz and Terrazzo range brings a sophisticated and elegant look to your kitchen worktop. Each décor has its own individual style that is striking to the eye. The colour and textures of the worktops have a distinctive look that can make your kitchen stand out and become a conversation starter with friends. Your kitchen worktop can be more than just a worktop. By choosing a quartz or terrazzo kitchen worktop, you are choosing a piece of art.
A square edge kitchen worktop from our Quartz and Terrazzo range